Today, 54% of the global population lives in urban areas, this percentage is expected to climb up to 66% by 2050. Beyond an urgent need for the development of sustainable urbanisation policies, a crucial question arises: What the quality of the modus vivendi inside those sprawling megalopolises will be? We are witnesses of an architecture that erases the user’s identity trying to transform our everyday life into a “ballet mécanique”, a spatial torture, where dreaming is impossible. Even suburbia which has been preached around the globe as a way to achieve freedom, has proven itself the totem of standardisation and is therefore contradictory to the idea of an architecture that meets its user’s demands.

EgoCity, instead of juxtaposing “average” individual “dreams”, proposes a new urban model whose primal matter is its citizens’ most crazy fantasies. It is a project that goes far beyond a theatre of formal architectural folies and aspires to construct, in urbanised and dense conditions, a participative dream, a living mosaic that contains an unlimited amount of desired situations. In order to achieve that, rather than focusing on an aesthetic result, a particular interest has been manifested in the development of an appropriate gaming process that would be capable of taking advantage of every player’s selfishness and then transform it into a spatial potential. We consider that this constant emergence of unexpected typologies can be proven a vehicle of crucial interest towards an authentically human- driven architecture.

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Hra jako nástroj pro územní plánování nebo návrh obytných celků do nejmenších detailů. Hra založená na maximálních snech a maximální hustotě, kde neexistují kompromisy a na počátku jsou si všichni rovni. Utopická představa kladoucí elementární otázku o roli architekta v budoucnosti. To je EgoCity!

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living slab


developed by students of The Why Factory at TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, 2015

led by Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Adrien Ravon, Arendt Van Waart

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